3 Promising Alternative Drug Addiction Treatments This 2018

Drug addiction is a complex brain disease wherein a person’s whole life is manipulated by a certain substance. When a person is clinically addicted to something it means that the person’s lifestyle is already revolving around a certain act or substance and his/her health is already deteriorating due to it. Addiction can have a lot of side effects but primarily affects the brain’s mental state.

With that said, drug addiction is one of the world’s biggest problems but addicts are seen as victims which is why the field of drug rehabilitation is still supported by many fields for continued improvement in order to reach more lives. Drug rehab is done to help people regain their lives back from addiction and in can be done in numerous ways.

However, if you are one of those people who would choose alternative medicine rather than direct medicinal methods, then here are some of the treatments that you may want to take a look at:


Reiki is a Japanese alternative method originally made to heal a person through the transfer or attainting of chi or life force. This form of alternative medicine targets the body as whole but known concrete effects include mental and emotional stability, lesser anger issues, and boosted confidence. Come to think of it, drug addicts could really benefit from these effects as a strong and healthy mental state could really decrease the possibility of relapse.


Hydrotherapy, or water cure, is a form of alternative medication that uses water as its prime agent. By varying numerous properties of water such as temperature and pressure, hydrotherapy can affect various processes in the body such as blood circulation. In line with that, blood circulation is actually the one with known benefits for drug addiction treatment as good blood circulation could bring more nutrients to the body to keep it healthy during the rehabilitation process.

Green Coffee Enema

Coffee Enema is known to strengthen the immune system of people and Green Coffee Enema is a kind of coffee enema that claims to provide more health benefits. However, the main purpose of green coffee enema is to detoxify the body which is something that drug rehab patients would actually need. Detoxification is a process wherein the body is relieved of natural wastes and possibly harmful chemicals which is why the green coffee enema is still considered as a good method for rehabilitation.

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