5 Worst countries in the world to vape in – Avoid vaping in these countries

Are you a fan of electronic cigarettes who has took to vaping off late? As the phenomenon of vaping continues to propagate throughout the world, vapers from all over the world face different degrees of challenges in getting access to different vapor products, as per the laws of the country. Vape pens can be accessed easily on the corner of the streets or vape shops in the US but there are several countries in the world which don’t give similar opportunities to vapers.

According to V2 Cigs, there are many countries in the world which are extremely strict about their vaping laws and hence vaping in such countries should be done at your own risk. Here are the names of these countries.

  1. Thailand: This place has got the strictest laws regarding vaping. In fact, it is sad enough to note that the Thai government classified electronic cigarettes as a drug in the year 2009 and also imposed a penalty for selling these devices which even included imprisonment as the gravest penalty. In 2017, tourists were warned that nicotine-free vape pens could land you up in prison for 10 long years.
  2. Australia: This is the most regressive English-speaking nation with regards to vaping. Their Federal Department of Health and Ageing classifies that nicotine, if consumed through any means apart from smoking would mean taking in poison.
  3. Singapore: This country banned its sale, importing and using of electronic cigarettes in the year 2010 due to its strong resemblance with tobacco cigarettes. In 2018, they closed all loopholes and banned the sale and use of vapor products like vape pens once and for all.
  4. Dubai: We all know that Dubai is a part of the UAE and hence they too forbid vaping in all forms. In fact, Dubai seems to have adopted a specifically aggressive attitude towards electronic cigarettes. Though the rules are often not applied consistently, yet they are on an average strict enough.
  5. Hong Kong: While China is a massive industry for manufacturing electronic cigarettes, it is surprising to note that Hong Kong, being a part of China imposes fines of HK $100,000 and 2 years of imprisonment if they see anyone vaping.

Therefore, if you’re planning to visit any of the above mentioned countries in the near future, don’t ever mistake taking your electronic cigarettes or your vape pens along with you.

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