6 Tips To Speed Up Recovery After Eyelid Surgery

Planning to remove those drooping eyelids? If yes, you need to prepare for your recovery soon. Check out some tips to speed up your recovery after undergoing eyelid surgical procedure. Also, seek for advice on how to properly take care of yourself during the healing process. Read this article carefully to help you speed up your recovery after an eyelid surgery.

  1. Eat healthy and nutritious foods.

Eating healthy foods will certainly help you in speeding up your recovery. Even though you may not see the outcome right away, feeding yourself with onlynourishing foodscan in fact promote smoother and faster recovery.If you have just received treating eye bag in Sydney by Dr Naveen Somia, foods that are rich in Vitamin C and E can help you speed up your recuperation.

  1. Do not push through the pain

Pushing yourself while you are already in pain will only risk everything. It is very important to always take the prescribed medicine on time. If you experience pain after the surgery, you should consult this to your physician immediately so that he can give your proper medications. It is also important to avoid over-the counter medicines like Aspirin and Motrin for at least two weeks after your surgery.

  1. Smoking is dangerous to your eyes!health

For most surgeon, they always advised their patients (especially those who smoke) to cease smoking 8 weeks before the undertaking of the surgery. This does not also mean that they can light up again after post-surgery. They need to abandon that habit temporarily (or much better not turn back ever again) if they want to speed up their recovery time. Smoking also significantly delays the healing process.

  1. Avoid rigorous exercises.

It is not advisable for patients to be too active after the surgery. For the next 48 hours after the post-surgery, patients are not allowed doing regular workouts or rigorous exercises. This will only jeopardize the patient’s recovery. To speed up recovery, it is essential for to avoid engaging laborious exercises or workout routines for the first 8 weeks. Too much workout increases blood pressure.

  1. Cool it up.

Another tip to recover fast is by puttingcold compressor to cool up the orbital region of your eyes. This will lessen the swelling of your eyes. Aside from this, putting compressor on after the anesthesia wears off will also help relieving the soreness on the affected areas of your eyes.

  1. Cover and protect.

It is very important, whenever you head out, to cover your eyes with special eyewear like sunglasses. This will protect you from different kinds of dirt and other flecks.

It is still very important to follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions to ensure a healthy and fast recovery that allows your body to heal accurately, and offers you with ultimate and desired results.More important, you always have to choose a trusted surgeon like Dr Naveen Somia who can guarantee you safe and successful result after your eyelid surgery trip.







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