Alcohol Rehab in Toronto: An In-Depth Look

Alcohol rehab in Toronto is one of the most important initiatives that the Canadian government and private institutions have undertaken in the past years. The rise of alcohol abuse and dependence in the country is quite alarming hence the rehabilitation efforts. Alcohol is basically a drug that functions as a depressant or that slow down the targeted parts of your brain. Alcohol makes you feel relaxed and mellowed down. However, it could significantly affect the clarity of your thinking particularly in making good decisions. Alcohol has drastic effects on your behaviour as well as in how you do your tasks.

Alcohol Rehab in Toronto Fundamentals

Canadians consider drinking a socially acceptable norm, just as it is an acceptable practice anywhere in the world. However, the difference lies in how you responsibly and moderately drink alcohol. Alcohol abuse becomes a social and personal problem because the drinking gets out of control. Alcohol is a drug and an addictive one at that. The Canadian statistics on alcohol consumption and abuse is quite overwhelming that it becomes a cause for alarm.

The Number Says it All

According to statistics from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 1 in 4 male students and 1 in 5 female students resort to binge drinking or drinking more than 5 times at one time. This would mean that 25% of male and 20% of female students are into overconsumption of alcohol every time they have the opportunity to drink. Alcohol rehab in Toronto is, therefore, making their efforts more aggressive in order to address the seemingly increasing growth of alcohol consumption and abuse, especially among the youths.

Beer is the most popular drink of choice among Canadians followed by rum, vodka, and other hard drinks with wine at the lowest scale. The figures also show that approximately 10% of Canadians, at some point, have become dependent on alcohol. Moreover, the total yearly consumption of Canadians on alcohol alone reaches a whopping amount of $12.4 billion. However, there is also an increasing expenditure on alcohol rehab in Toronto in order to counter the proliferation of alcohol addiction among youths and adults in the country.

Facts about Alcohol

Alcohol rehab in Toronto takes the front seat in the efforts of the government to put an end to abuse and dependence on alcohol. There are several facts that should be considered, given the pressing need for alcohol rehab in Toronto.

Males have more body fluid or water compared to females which mean that the alcohol intake in the male has less noticeable effects than females. That’s because their body could easily dilute alcohol, making females more prone to intoxication than their male counterparts, even if they have the same body type and weight.

Alcohol rehab in Toronto is a vital activity and effort that the Canadian government, as well as other private organizations, has seriously and aggressively undertaken. Learn more about alcohol addiction treatment to save a loved one or finally eliminate your nasty habit of alcohol abuse and dependence.

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