What Are the Areas of Support for Anastrozole 1 mg

This is an aromatase blocker of the third generation. It appeared relatively recently in the pharmacology market (originally developed and approved for admission in the US in 1995). Incidentally, third generation drugs, to which this anti-estrogen belongs, were originally created as first and second line drugs for the therapy of receptor-positive disseminated breast cancer (in medicine they are primarily designed and prescribed for women).

The Sports Field

If you forget about the medical field and talk specifically about sports, then anastrozole 1 mg and preparations based on it, are mainly used as anti-estrogens. They are regularly used to prevent and eliminate estrogenic side effects caused by taking anabolic and androgenic steroids. In bodybuilding and other disciplines, the aromatase inhibitor anastrozole is considered one of the most powerful and effective antiestrogens. After all, by its effectiveness, it surpasses even such a popular ligament as proborolone (proviron) and tamoxifen, and generally quite easily copes with side effects of an estrogenic nature. For which it is valued.

What is the effect?

Unlike clomiphene and tamoxifen, mentioned in the paragraph above. It blocks the process of aromatization prevents the formation of estrogens.This leads to a rapid decrease in their content in the body of the athlete. However, with all the advantages of this approach, there are some disadvantages also. This is because it also blocks the useful properties of estrogens. In particular, it inhibits the production of “good” cholesterol, which is fraught with complications for the heart. Therefore, for men who have experienced heart problems, anastrozole is not recommended. Such athletes still should use tamoxifen, which does not affect the production of estrogens.

Side Effects

Against this background, experts distinguish the side effects that can arise from the fact that anastrozole is taken (preparations on its basis). The first is deterioration of general condition such is headaches, drowsiness, asthenia, etc. Second are disorders of the digestive tract. They are diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and some other abnormalities etc.

For sporting purposes

To begin with, we note that this anti-estrogen is recommended for admission to men only, as already mentioned, mainly to experienced athletes who resort to high dosages of AAS (anabolic and androgenic steroids). In other words, female athletes usually do not use it, but all because of the risk of undesirable consequences in the form of side effects and deviations. Now it is concrete to application. Most often, athletes use the described antiestrogenic drug when the first signs of aromatization appear. In such situations, the course usually uses doses of anastrozole about 1 mg per day. This is the first possible reception scheme. There is a second – this is a preventive use in small doses of the first course (usually 0.5 mg every other day) to prevent the appearance of estrogenic pobochek.

Best Time

Taking anastrozole 1 mg based on this inhibitor is best performed on an empty stomach, with enough water and avoiding alcohol / alcohol drinks. This way of using anastrozole allows you to achieve complete and fastest digestion. Although, for the sake of fairness, we note that it itself quickly and efficiently takes over. The maximum content of active substance is observed already within the first few hours after administration. Also, we draw your attention to the fact that taking this antiestrogen for only 10-14 days allows him to fully manifest his and effects, and therefore to have the necessary effect on the athlete’s body.

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