The Benefits of Radio Waves on Your Skin

The company SharpLight has been working with non-invasive laser and light technologies to help their clients looking sharp since 2004, and their treatments and products can ensure that your skin remains smooth, unblemished by wrinkles or acne, and is hair free.

One of these treatments is Radiofrequency, which uses a cosmetic radio frequency machine that emits radio waves onto your skin, which can remove skin blemishes and hair, as well as contour the body. It can be used with other treatments as well to give your skin the most benefit during any laser treatment or appointment.

How it works

Radio Frequency can distribute heat to the tissues in your body based on its properties, mostly the property of resisting electricity. The waves are sent to distinct bi-polar centers, which produce less heat on the outer layer of your skin, but more heat on the inner layer. The heat is then divided among the bi-polar centers, keeping everything pain free.

Beautician Giving Laser Epilation Treatment To Woman Face

The heat itself stimulates the hormone collagen, which is very abundant in the inner layer of your skin. When the hormone is hit by heat, it tightens the skin and also begins to produce more of itself, strengthening the effect. While it can’t reverse the aging process, it can slow any signs of aging you might have and can lift sagging skin.

Advantages of Radio Frequency:

  • The Radio Frequency waves stimulate the hormones Collagen and elastin, which both are needed to make your skin stronger and elastic, keeping your skin smooth and also reducing the effects of wrinkles and sagging skin
  • The method is also quick, non-invasive, and you can get up and get back to your day within minutes of the treatment. Unlike injectable procedures or surgeries, you will see immediate results as your skin tightens.
  • Radio frequency waves use the body to heal itself, stimulating hormones that were already there inside the body when you were younger and forcing them back into action, unlike other medical facial operations, that can make the problem worse by paralyzing the muscle.
  • Finally, the results last by making your body able to produce hormones naturally, while not relying on outside stimuli or surgery, making everything look natural.


Most patients see an average to mild improvement in their skin after using radio frequency, with most people going back for a second treatment at the recommendation of the company.

Sharplight’s technology, including radio frequency, can help reduce ageing’s effects on the skin, and because radio frequency can be used in conjunction with other methods, such as infrared light, they can be used for Body contorting, Cellular removal, and various other treatments to ensure that you as the patient get the body shape and smooth skin you desire.

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