How Can A Physiotherapist Help With A Back Injury?

Back injuries are extremely common. They can happen to people at any age, whether you are a twentysomething fitness fanatic or a person entering their old age. Back injuries can also occur in a variety of different situations. You might strain a muscle when you are reaching to get something out of the cupboard at home, or you might slip a disk in your back whilst you are playing your favourite sport.

A back injury needs to be treated as soon as possible by Biomechanics physiotherapists, and you should not delay treatment. Getting help as soon as possible will allow the back to heal and then you will be back to full health in next to no time at all. A fully-qualified physiotherapist with specialist knowledge of back injuries is the perfect person to assist you. How can a physiotherapist help you to deal with a back injury?

The Physiotherapist Can Guide You Through Aquatic Exercises

One of the best ways to help treat a back injury is if the pressure is taken completely off your body. This means that doing exercises in water can be the perfect solution to making sure that your back muscles are getting stretched out in the correct way. You will enjoy the aquatic exercises immensely and you will forget that you have back pain at all.

This is something that will install a passion for swimming and aqua aerobics in you once your back has completely healed. You should look for a physiotherapist who offers this kind of water-based therapy for back injuries.

The Physiotherapist Can Give You A Thorough Massages

When you have suffered a back injury, you can have a series of back massages from a fully qualified physiotherapist. They will be able to target specific areas of your back with massage techniques which are designed to relieve muscle spasms and knots.

The series of back massages will loosen your back over time. The physiotherapist will assess your progress over the course of the treatment and they will decide whether you need to have a different type of massage in order to make sure that your back is completely loose and does not encounter any further problems.

The Physiotherapist Can Give You Dry Needling

Dry needling is a course of acupuncture. You might be sceptical about the benefits of this therapy, but it is something that is used by high-level athletes such as Olympic swimmers. The physiotherapist will decide what areas of your body need to be targeted in order to make sure that the pain is completely eliminated and you can then get on with the rest of your life. This is something which could last several sessions.

The Physiotherapist Can Introduce You To Pilates

When you have had a back injury, the best way to rehabilitate it is through gentle exercise rather than strenuous activities. Your physiotherapist can introduce you to Pilates. They will design a programme of stretches for you.

A physiotherapist will help to cure your back pain.

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