Essential Nutrients You Need When Aging

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When talking about children, so much is said about proper nutrition. Unfortunately, the same thing does not happen when referring to people that are aging. This is something we do need to learn more about since when we age, vitamins, minerals and several other nutrients become vital for our health. With this in mind, the next time you choose foods from Queens grocery delivery or similar services, be sure you get some that include the following essential nutrients.

Vitamin D

It is really important that your body gets a sufficient vitamin D amount as it plays a vital role in how we feel at an emotional and physical level. When vitamin D is not present in sufficient amounts your body ends up feeling depressed and exhausted.

In order to maintain proper vitamin D levels inside the body you have to be sure you get enough sun exposure and you need to eat foods that contain vitamin D, like fish, dairy products with vitamin D fortification and eggs. You will thus end up feeling better and the risk of developing heart disease, cancer, sclerosis and diabetes is lower.


Magnesium is highly documented and you might already know how important it is for your body to function at the right levels. However, even so, you most likely do not get as much as the body needs when aging. In many cases you need to basically take a multi-mineral and multivitamin supplement. Besides this, you need to eat foods that regulate blood pressure. Magnesium will help your body to better absorb calcium, thus increasing bone health. Try to increase your intake of nuts, avocado, dark leafy greens and seeds. Salads are great with such ingredients.


When regularly eating bananas you most likely get enough potassium inside your diet but in the event that tropical fruit is not preferred and consumed, the risk of stroke and heart attack is increased. The problem is there are not many foods that include potassium. However, some of the best you can consider are beans, sweet potatoes, lentils and swiss chard. When you just cannot eat such food, supplementation is absolutely necessary.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Around 10 years ago people did not really talk about omega-3 fatty acids. They are available in different fish types like mackerel and salmon, or in eggs, flax seed and walnuts. The reason why you want to eat foods with high omega-3 fatty acids content as you age is that they will reduce heart disease risks while improving brain functionality.


People that age absolutely need to be sure they get enough probiotics. These are practically good bacteria that will do wonders for digestive health. Probiotics help reduce risks of some really serious health issues, ranging from stroke to diabetes. If you want to increase your intake of probiotics, various options are available. You can eat yogurt and other fermented products like kvass, kombucha or kefir. When you first eat probiotic-based products you can feel uncomfortable but as time passes, if you struggle with different digestive problems like diarrhea and constipation, you will see the improvements.

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