What is a facial and how it helps to rejuvenate your skin?

Skin is the important sense organ of the body that makes you feel and touch. This is the largest organ of the human body and protects our body from direct dust and heat. In this mission, it undergoes lots of ordeals, including acne, pigmentation, wrinkling, and signs of aging. The facial treatments vary according to the nature of the skin and the necessity of the customers. Generally, facial is considered as a cosmetic treatment but in fact, this treatment is available in a beauty salon or a spa studio nowadays.

A normal facial treatment includes cleansing, steaming, and massaging the skin. The kinds of facial treatment will be different for different skins and customers suffering from acne of sun tanning. This process involves cleansing the skin, removing black heads and white heads using steam and then moisturizing the skin to prevent upcoming skin problems. The clinics and beauty salons like Nouri face & body concepts provide the skin treatments and facials, depending on the nature and need of your skin. Cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing are suggestible for all types of skin. The normal facial involves in massaging the skin for a longer time. Some of the other special kinds of facials offered are as follows.

  • Bio-lift facials are useful to treat dark circles on the skin and rejuvenate the skin tissues. This treatment helps to tighten the skin and enhances the complexion besides preventing aged look.
  • Fruit facials are done by using the fresh fruit pulp. This kind of facials works well for sensitive skin. These treatments do not include any chemicals and hence they are safe for sensitive skin. Generally, banana fruit facial is suggested for dry skin, and orange facial is suggested for oily skin.
  • Paraffin facial treatments include applying rejuvenating creams to the skin and use of paraffin wax to the face to provide the benefits of anti aging cream and enhance the glow of the skin. This facial treatment is used as a part of bridal make over.
  • In acne facial treatment, cleansing and steaming are done to remove acne marks among youth and adults. In this process hot steam vapor is used to cleanse and remove black heads and white heads and anti-bacterial treatment is done to prevent acne and blackheads.
  • Aromatherapy facial includes treatment of the skin with aromatic and essential oils. This process involves cleansing and massaging of the skin and helps the tightening of skin besides rejuvenation.


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