Family history of psoriasis? Homeopathy can help prevent it.

Psoriasis is a skin condition where a person starts developing white patches or blotches on the skin. It can affect any part of the body including hair and inside the mouth. Psoriasis is known to affect both genders equally; however, it is more obvious in people who have a darker skin tone. The exact cause of psoriasis is yet to be found. But the good news is that it is not contagious and it is not a life-threatening disorder. Nonetheless, psoriasis can prove to be both embarrassing and frustrating skin disorder to deal with. It endorses low self-esteem and also takes a toll on one’s personal life.


The extent and spread of the skin condition cannot be evaluated or estimated. It varies from person to person and body to body. For some, it might be a few tiny blotches here and there while for some others it can cover up a whole body segment.

As mentioned before, the medical world is yet to conclude the exact cause of psoriasis being triggered in the body. Here are some factors that may increase the risk of it.

Exposure to certain chemicals: Our skin is a very delicate organ, and exposure to certain harmful or radioactive chemicals may inflict severe damage to it which can eventually lead to the destruction of melanocytes.

Physical trauma: A scratch, deep cut, abrasions and other kinds of physical damage to the skin may also trigger psoriasis.

Mental Stress: Depression, anxiety and other mental conditions are known to usher in several skin problems that include psoriasis as well.

Genetics: It has been found that psoriasis can be hereditary, which means if someone in the family is affected by the disorder, other family members run the risk of developing it too someday.

Unfortunately, there is no precise and exact cure to this skin condition. The medication or therapies that do work are only capable of either stopping the spread or slowing it down.


People try all kinds of home-based remedies, essential oil massages, opt for harsh phototherapy or go for conventional medication to help treat the disease. Nevertheless, over the years, homeopathy has shown very strong potential when it comes to Psoriasis treatment and now more and more people are settling towards the homeopathic cure to help curb their symptoms of Psoriasis.

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