Fastin-XR – Understanding Its Effect in Weight Loss

Weight loss has been an issue for some people. People often go through elongated periods of fasting due to get the desired weight.  In fact, they are ready to sacrifice a lot to get their goal weight.Fastin-XR is a diet pill which is used by people to lose weight. A large percentage of the world population is overweight and has a lot of health issue like high cholesterol or increase in the blood pressure. It is due to this effect of the Fastin-XR in weight loss it has gained the name of “King of all Stimulant weight control”.


Fastin –XR has been used effectively in people for theloss of fat.  It is a better and modified form of the drug Fastinand was marketed by High Tech Pharmaceutical company.  According to different reviews, it is reputed to contain a mix of different substances that are similarly contained in another drug known as Thermo-RX. Thermo-RX is a drug which normally has been used for the loss of weight in people also marketed by the same company. There is a mix of different substances that are present in the pill of Fastin-XR like caffeine, 1,3dimethylamine (DMAA),methylsynephrine and two different forms of phenylethylamine. This composition of the drug is a mixtureof natural herbs and potent stimulants that helps to lose weight.  It energises the body by providing it with more energy that lifts a person’s mood and controls weight.  So it, increases the chances of well-being in a person by providing energy for everyday living and mentally focused thinking and increases in physical performance of a person. Indeed it is important to use Fastin-XR with caution to preventany harm to the body.

Ingredients of Fastin-XR

Fastin-XR claims to have a better weight loss in comparison to Fastin by the manufacturing company.  The different ingredients of the tablet include Acacia Rigula extract which yields a large amount of the Phenylethylaminealkaloids which includes phenylethylamine and methylsynephrine.  It also contains caffeine as high as 150mg per tablet. It contains other components as listed on the label of the product likesynephrine,theobromine, tea extract, naringen, 5-methoxytryptamine HCl and YohimineHCl. Among this caffeine is present in a considerable high amount has as high as 150 mg and has been associated with the loss of fat in people. It also contains some inactive substances like sodium starch glycolate, silica and magnesium stearate. The more potent action of Fatin-XR is due to the presence of DMAA which is a sympathomimetic amine and has a similar function as norepinephrine.  Indeed it is due to this that it has been under the FDA radar.

Does the drug work?

The effect of Fastin-XR is the breakdown of the fat present to release energy. But the reviews on this product by different kinds of users either validate or negate it. Some people claim that the use of the drug provides them with anunprecedented level of energy alongwith theloss of weight. Others, on the other hand, do not find any significant loss of weight even after 30 days use of the drug. The difference in these is because no two individuals can be same and the amount of weight loss depends on the habits, diet pattern and the lifestyle of the person.But is due to this reasons that use Fastin-XR with caution should be done by people to prevent any harm to one’s body.

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