Fighting Cholesterol with Herbal & Wellness Tea.

Herbal teas are uncompromised by word, but by nature we can be sure that quality is the assurance of pure health benefits. Herbal drinks are meant to provide our bodies with nutrients while providing the benefits of each individual herb. Combinations known to have multiple benefits in helping with cholesterol, metabolism, diet, nourishment and more are all available online. Most of which are home remedies, tedious to make and time consuming. So much that we eventually give up after a short period of following this practice. This is the tough part, maintaining a good practice with the lifestyle of the modern human being.

Tarlton Tea, one of the largest Pure Ceylon Tea producers in Sri Lanka have been consistent with the products they ship into the market. Consistency in quality and diversity in range in what is provided. Their collection of Wellness Tea, completely caffeine free, is available in four types. Fine slim, Fight Cholesterol, Diet Detox and Be Energetic.


Fight Cholesterol by Tarlton Tea, has an uncompromising taste, packed into pyramid bags full of flavor. They are pure herbal based and a convenient replacement to making herbal drinks at home. They are truly a welcome boost during the mid-day routine. Carrying a few bags around definitely makes a difference and all you need is hot water. Fight cholesterol is a refreshing cup of tea, even if you don’t think about the health benefits, the taste says it all. A definite mood booster and in the hidden background, helping the body to gain a well needed boost. Being completely caffeine free you can be guaranteed that the benefits you feel aren’t just a kick to your heart, instead a genuine nourishment to your soul.


If you are a person attracted by fine and Pure Ceylon Tea then you will love the full range of Tarlton Tea that comes to you straight from Sri Lanka.  Tarlton Tea is one of the best Tea Exporters from this Island nation that was once called as the Paradise Island. The herbal tea from Tarlton is grown and prepared as per the centuries old traditional customs complying with uncompromising quality standards since 1880.


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