Food that go well with red wine

You may sometimes find that your experience with the wine is not pleasant in some days and you may curse the quality of the wine. However, the difference in the taste may be due to the selected food that you are eating along with the wine. The combination of the food and wine is very important for getting the best flavor. With the correct choice of the food, you can easily enhance the taste of wine with food.

Here you will find some of the best options to combine food with wine. However, it completely depends on individual choice and taste. What matters the most is individual taste and choices. However, the red wines are mostly paired with heavy foods like pork, beef and others.

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The perfect choice of food with wine always makes the day perfect. However, along with the choice of the food, the preparation of the same is also important. The quality of the wine also needs to be taken in a note while selecting the type of food.

  • Beef or lamb: – These are the basic choice of food that is included in the table with the red wine. There are particular types of wines which suit with the type of beef or lamb like the Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Barbera, Sangiovese etc.
  • Pairing with Light Red Wines: – Vegetarian dishes are the best choices to pair with the light red wines. The dark green leafy vegetables make the perfect choice of food with wine for light red wines.
  • Combination with Bold Reds: – Food which has chewy texture are the best choices to make with the bold reds. Red meat is the best choice to enhance the taste of wine with food which is bold red. In the contrary, bold red wine with smooth tannins can be well paired with light foods like vegetables or fishes.
  • Fortified wines: – Fortified wines are difficult to perfectly match with any particular type of food. It is both bold and sweet in nature and thus difficult to select the best pairing.
  • Aged Red Wines: – The fruit flavor will reduce when the wine is stored for over 20 years. The vintage wines have their own aroma and flavor and thus pairing them with the perfect option may be a bit tricky. The selection, however, can be done after checking the tannins which can only be done after opening the bottle. So, drinking aged red wine alone is the best option. Nutty cheese goes well with the aged red wines.

These are the few common and best pairing to enhance the taste of wine with food. However, it may differ with individual choice and taste. There is no need to change your food item if it doesn’t match the theory, all that matters is the individual satisfaction of Food with wine.

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