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With the increasing demand of supplements the manufacturers have developed wide variety of medicine to heighten the cognitive abilities of a person. Modafinil has become quite popular among the medicines commonly available in market these days.

Most of the people who use this drug seem quite satisfied with its benefits and also the drug does not have any side effects as experienced by many people.


Where can you buy Modafinil?

Presently there are very few countries that are majorly using these supplements. Even importing these drugs is considered illegal. Most of the people take it without the proper prescription and get it either from the pharmacies or online.  There are even such countries which allow these medicines only after giving a proper prescription like U.S.

Some smart drug users have found a new and easy way to get hand on this drug. is an online seller of this drug enabling people to buy this drug even without prescription.

What is the legal status of Modafinil?

Every country, whosoever deals with the medicines has their own agencies and governing body who look after the status of these medications or supplements.  Some of the regulatory bodies of few countries are-

  1. Food and Drug Administration in the U.S.
  2. Canada has Health products and food branch.
  3. United Kingdom has Medicines and healthcare products Regulatory Agency.
  4. Australia has Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).


Few countries consider Modafinil as a controlled material, which can be consumed without a prescription but every country has different laws, other consider it to be a strictly prescribed drug.

How to get a hand on this supplement?

The easiest way one can get Modafinil is by going to a doctor who is known to the condition and requirement of your body. This is not only the safe but the legal way to use the drug. Ones you have got the prescription from the doctor then you can easily buy the drug either from the pharmacy or online.

If you find Modafinil to be expensive then you also have an alternative called Adrafinil. It is also available without prescription and can be purchased online as well as the counters.  The effects of both the drugs are same only the time taken by Adrafinil is more as it is metabolized into Modafinil by liver which takes quite a long time.

The alternatives to Modafinil do not have the same effects but it is quite possible to attain few of the benefits like it. The only thing that should be kept in mind that these drugs should not be attained for longer duration else it may have adverse effect on your liver.

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