Growth Hormone Supplements in Bodybuilding

Growth hormones and their usage today is a very controversial affair in the society. Growth hormone supplements are being used to treat a variety of medical conditions but their use has been majorly popularized by body-builders. Growth hormone supplements are known to show potent results. It helps build lean muscle mass and also for decreasing the fats by increasing metabolism which most cases is a perk for the users.

Studies that growth hormones help to gain linear skeletal muscle tissue in children who are short in stature. Growth hormones have been an accepted solution for children who has been deficient in growth due to genetic or other factors ever since 1990. Children not only experience an overall improvement in their health but for majority of them it even serves to boost their self-esteem which was otherwise challenged among the peers due to their short height. However, the use of growth hormone supplements for adults was restricted only to severe tissue damage or tumors. Now, these supplements are being used for bulking cycles by many bodybuilders and athletes for enhanced physical built. Many Hgh supplements have been approved by the FDA for use by adults. However, most of those are still restricted for purchase only against a proper prescription by the medical practitioner.

Negative aspects

There many negative aspects related to the growth hormones. One major or rather primary shortcoming is the high cost associated with it. The average yearly expense for growth hormone treatment ranges from a $10,000 to $25,000. Which implies that only the wealthy are capable of helping their children be addressed with latest treatment. Generally no insurance company supports hGH treatment because it it is not terminal illness. The other negative aspect associated with the growth hormones is their misuse which is a growing concern these days. The misuse however comes from the sportsmen, athletes and bodybuilders who basically exploit growth hormone supplements for increasing the muscle mass in humungous amounts which tend to affect their health. Yet another negative aspect is mainly linked to it by the athletes who face problems buying the supplements in large amounts but are unable to do so because most of them can be only bought against prescription.

Information regarding benefits and side-effects

A number of Hgh supplements are available in the market example Saizen, Serostim, Humatrope, etc. which are being mainly used for bulking cycles by the athletes. These are both anabolic and anti-catabolic in nature. They interact and influence the receptors on cells like lymphocytes, adipocytes, hepatocytes, myocytesand even hematopoietic cells. Their functions are mediated by means of a molecule called IGF-1. IGF-1 is known to perform many functions in the body. However they come with side effects ranging from swelling of the limbs to sensations like numbness and/or tingling in on the skin. Gynecomastia is a very common side-effect in men and pain of joints and other parts of the body is common for both men and women. Hghcannot be bought easily by any individual without prescription and to prevent if not omit completely the very serious side-effects the dosage is regulated according to the weight, age and physical activity of the person.


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