Gynecologists in Jamaica, New York; Choices Medical Center  

Choices Medical Center is a premier women’s health facility for women in Jamaica, New York. With a reputation spanning 45 years, Choice prides itself in offering excellent services to women of all ages. As a female-owned gynecologist center at the heart of Jamaica, New York, Choices has built a solid clientele. Here’s why you should choose Choice Medical Center for all your reproductive health and family planning needs.

Qualified Personnel

Choices have certified medical professionals that have proven their worth and skills over time to handle any query brought before them. The medical professionals are selfless and dedicated to their work which means customer satisfaction is guaranteed after a visit to the center. Our support staffs prioritize safety and are trusted in their execution of duties not to mention the comprehensive care that is given at the center. As such, Choices prides itself in being Jamaica New York’s premier gynecology center.

Excellent Services

At Choices Center, we offer all round services that touch on women reproductive health and family planning. Confidentiality is also a key value for the center; Choices offers confidential services to all, including teens. Treatment charges are not the main concern at choices, treatment is. It is for this reason that a client can apply and receive emergency Medicaid on the spot and other financial help available. Choices offers, regular ‘well-woman’ exams, prenatal care, birth control and abortion up to 24 weeks into the pregnancy. It also offers family planning advice, cancer screening and STD counseling to the clients. Cancer screening and STD counseling are done by professionals who understand the psychology of the clients so as to deliver the news in a friendly and acceptable manner. This all round approach to reproductive health and family planning puts Choices as the preferred center among the Gynecologists Jamaica New York.

Easily accessible

Choices Center has been very accommodating to all people from all walks of life. It is for this reason that it has launched an initiative by the New York state law that allows non-temporary immigrants to access. Choices Center assures that the visitors coming here that their issues and applications will remain confidential for as long as the clients wish. Confidentiality in healthy matters is one of the fringe benefits that the clients look for any medical center.

State of the art facilities

At Choices Medical Center we employ state of the art facilities in or treatment process. Right from diagnosis, our qualified personnel uses top notch technology to ensure any infections are detected at their onset. One of the facilities we take pride in is our cancer screening machine which is arguably the most advanced across the competition. It can detect cervical cancer at an early stage facilitating effective treatment and control.

If you are looking for Gynecologists in Jamaica, New York, look no further than Choices Center. We have done a great deal to advance the women reproductive health. Contact us today or visit our website to book an appointment.


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