Is Hair Transplant an option for women?

Many people think that baldness is not much of a serious problem, especially for women. But surprisingly, the problem of baldness is a matter of concern for women, more so because it can seriously affect their personalities. Baldness in women can occur at any point of time, and several factors can be allocated to such occurrences.


Different patterns of hair loss in women:

As far as trichologists are concerned, there are several patterns for hair loss as had been found in women. All of these are allocated to several factors, and a temporary solution is easily devised by people around you. Commonly speaking, staying in an urban hub like Delhi can be of a major risk as excessive loss of hair can happen due to severe pollution. However research studies suggest that, there are few options which remain to be available for women, in case they are seriously looking at reduction of hair loss.

Due to the popularity of transplantation services, many women prefer to go for hair transplantation while considering a permanent solution. Hair transplant in Delhi has come up in the recent years in consequence to this, and has attracted a large number of patients.vape

Pattern hair loss – a very common occurrence in women:

Pattern hair loss is a common occurrence in which a kind of male pattern hair loss is experienced by women as well. Hair loss in women begins from the sides of the hairline and gradually is spread towards the temporal region. Therefore, it is even more difficult to perform hair transplantation for women as per the observation of hair care experts.

In order to transplant hair in women healthy donor follicles need to be identified first. For men, the back of the scalp is an ideal region for finding healthy hair donor follicles while for women it get increasingly difficult for doctors to find a healthy donor site. If a patient speaks to an experienced doctor, prior to the invasively surgical process, it is always important that she should ask about the success rate of surgery on the whole. As per numerous observations, it has been made clear that, without assured results, it is simply not advisable that someone should take a decision of going for a hair transplant process. This means that, just doing a process based hair transplant is no longer valid and can give no assured guarantee on the whole.

Few other options that needs to be considered by patients:

Based on the above observations, it is clear that a second thought needs to be deployed in order to take a final call on performing a hair transplantation surgery. Platelet based rich plasma (PRP) is a common technology that can be deployed while considering hair growth in bald areas, especially when the patient belongs to the feminine gender.

 In such a process, blood is taken from other areas of the body to promote hair growth in the recipient area. Showing impressive results, this process can be performed in a repetitive manner with minimized risk and negative impacts.

Other than this, some other options for a quick recovery for female patients include an absolute change of lifestyle. As common beliefs go, experiencing hair loss is a direct result of malnutrition as well as stress.

Focusing on a healthy diet which includes a balanced approach is suggested and prescribed to reduce loss of hair till some extent. A protein rich diet is recommended and doctors suggest that cleaning your scalp as well as taking care of internal health problems can be useful to a large extent.

It’s also important to note that artificial hair treatments are of much harm and one needs to stay away from such a process. Massaging your hair with nutrients such as egg packs, coconut oil or a hair spa can be really useful in reducing hair loss in female patients.

Doctors have come up with interesting solutions in modern days, and hair transplant remains to be one of the last but not the least kind of solutions for women, which is believed to redress the problem of hair fall.

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