How to overcome your Fear of Going to Dental Hospital?

If you have a bit of timidness—or even a downright fear—of going to the dentist you are not alone. In fact, nearly 75 percent of us have at least some anxiety about making this semi-annual visit. Furthermore, as many as 15 percent of people may have quite extreme anxiety about it, to the point where they pretty much refuse to make the appointment at all.

That is actually not terrible news. The fact that so many people have trouble sitting in dentists chair means that there is a lot of help out there to get over it. After all a v Clinique Dentaire Des Cedres dentist is a type of doctor and it is their job to make sure you are happy and healthy.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

So how do you get over it?


Understanding Your Fears

It is quite likely that every fear you have ever experienced came from some kind of trauma. Of course, you probably did not experience any trauma directly related to a dental visit, but it might just be that being in a dentist’s chair and holding your mouth open wide is very uncomfortable, and since you can’t really see what they are doing there is a sense of mystery that some people have trouble dealing with. In some cases, maybe you heard a bad story from a cousin or a parent or a friend and you somehow personalized it.

Discussing your Fears

Obviously you could visit a counselor to talk about your fears. For the most part this will help to rationalize some of what is going on.  It will also help you to; at least, intellectualize the process of visiting a dentist.  Hopefully, by the end of it you can at least accept that there is no reason to be afraid. Sure, some of the procedures could be painful or even dangerous, but they are no different than other surgical procedures that you would trust a surgeon to perform.

Facing your Fears

As with most phobias and anxiety, the best way to get over a fear of the dentist is to face it. You don’t necessarily have to set up an appointment to do this; maybe you can talk to a dentist who will let you see the instruments or touch them so you have some kind of reference for when you do visit the dentist for a real cleaning.

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