Imtiaz’s Accident Injuries Are Expensive, but His Loved Ones Are Crowdfunding to Let Him Live

Accidents are by their very definition something that people cannot prepare for. In addition to the injury and physical pain they bring onto the sufferer, there is always the added chaos surrounding the unhappy events. This stems from the victim’s families’ general unpreparedness to deal with the havoc in personal, psychological, emotional, and financial ways.

This last is not a matter of small concern. The sad truth is that a great majority of Indian families do not have insurance coverage to bail them out when a medical crisis, particularly one that could not have been foreseen in any way, strikes. Many families simply do not have enough income to allow them to save for a rainy day. The few who do may not manage to save enough when harm strikes and hospital bills, medication and other treatment costs must be paid for. Most will not qualify for the precious few medical loans that private banks have on offer because their credit rating and net worth are not high enough, or because they have no collateral to deposit as security against the loan. Where are these people to go if their loved one has been in an accident?

Let us look at the case of Imtiaz Islam, a young man from Kolkata who was recently in an accident that inflicted grave injuries on his head and chest, so much so that he was rushed to the nearest hospital that offered critical care and immediately admitted to the intensive care unit. There he has lain for weeks now without moving or opening his eyes. His family is spending about forty thousand rupees per day simply to keep him alive, and soon out of the ventilator system, they hope. But their savings have been exhausted already. The single time that Imtiaz was brought out of the ventilator his condition deteriorated rapidly and he had to be taken back into the ICU to stabilize.

In despair, a friend of the family has started an emergency crowdfunding campaign to help with the young man’s treatment costs. He has started a fundraiser on India’s top medical crowdfunding India Impact Guru to help Imtiaz’s family raise enough funds to restore him to health and absorbed back into the mainstream of life. A small part of their target amount, which is fifteen lakh rupees, has already been raised. More donors are coming forward slowly with the fundraiser being shared multiple times on social media and making donations and help has arrived through crowdfunding for Imtiaz’s second stab at life.

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