Interesting Ways Of Using Kratom

Kratom is available in crushed leaves or powder form mostly. There are a number of ways of using Kratom powder or crushed Kratom leaves. People have discovered various ways of using Kratom in recipes which are palatable and more interesting, besides toss and wash method.

There a few very easy recipes that people use to consume Kratom.


For every dose of Kratom you should use one cup of any non-dairy milk, (for example, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, raspberry milk, almond milk, or any other flavoured milk). You must first put one dose of Kratom powder in a glass and put equal volume of milk and stir till all powder is absorbed in the milk, and a paste is formed. Add rest of the milk slowly and stir continuously till smooth. Have it slowly till finished. Add a little more milk, stir and have that too. This helps to catch all the powder stuck on sides of the glass.

Kratom paste

Put one dose of Kratom powder in a glass, and add little water. Mix thoroughly. Stir till a paste forms. When making the paste, add equal part of water by volume to the dose of Kratom powder.

Now take another glass and fill it with water. Now put a spoonful of paste into your mouth and sip a big mouthful of water and gulp down. Continue till you finish the entire paste. Do not hurry. Take one spoon at a time, otherwise you may choke.

Kratom Slurry

Take any kind of drink you like. Fill a glass with it. Add powdered Kratom to it. 7 grams of Kratom requires 8 ounces of drink or liquid. Stir constantly till the powder is totally taken up by the liquid.

This slurry should be drunk immediately and quickly, otherwise it will settle down at the bottom of the glass. To completely take the up the dose, add more water or your choice drink to the same glass, shake and gulp quickly. Drink a nice tasting drink afterward to shake off the slightly bitter taste of the powdered Kratom.

Kratom tea

This recipe makes about 8 doses of Kratom tea.

Take 56 grams of crushed Kratom leaves and put it into a vessel. Add about a litre of water. Boil slowly for 15 minutes. Strain the tea. Squeeze the leaves.  Boil again and strain. Mix both tea together and boil till only a cupful remains. The idea is to make the tea so that individual dose can be taken quickly and easily.

Take care not to burn the whole liquid.

Gulp down the tea fast and drink something nice on top to cover up the bitter taste.

This tea can be stored for a few days in the fridge. If stored with alcohol it remains fresh for longer.

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