Kitchen Essentials for Making Delicious Recipes

Getting into cooking is a great way to try out new flavours, get your mind working and create something you’re proud of. Maybe it’s the new year and you’re eager to start making fresh healthy recipes that’ll keep your heart happy and your tummy full. Maybe you’ve just moved out of home and need to start making your own meals. Whatever your reason for starting to get into the kitchen, you’ll be glad to know there’s plenty of simple and delicious recipes to try out while you’re still new. From a tasty mushroom risotto, to creamy carbonara, you can easily find a new favourite.

But the first step to perfecting that recipe is by having the right utensils. If you plan on cooking anything, you’ll need a few essential kitchen supplies. Stock up your cupboards with these tools and start cooking up a storm.


A pair of kitchen scissors differ greatly do your usual everyday scissors. This tool is great for cutting up fresh herbs, opening packaging as well as breaking down poultry. You’ll find most kitchen shears double as a bottle opener, a jar opener and a nutcracker, too.

A good chopping board

You’re going to be cutting a whole lot of fresh ingredients during your cooking ventures, so make sure you have a good wooden cutting board to tackle those recipes.

The right set of knives

That single knife you’ve held onto for years won’t do you well when you’re dealing with all different ingredients and groceries. A good, quality collection of knives will ensure you’re chopping and cutting the right way, whether it’s the small knife for little jobs or a bread knife for fresh loaves.


A colander is more than just for draining pasta. This multi-use kitchen tool is an essential if you plan on cooking pasta or noodles, but can also be used for rinsing and draining beans, rinsing berries or for ad-hoc salad tossing.

Food processor

This is probably the priciest of cooking needs, but the versatility and function of a good food processor will give you endless more options for cooking. Create sauces, soups, pastes, purees and more!


Keep your fingers safe by moving food around with tongs. This can help mix up noodles, vegetables and sauces together, or just help you pick up your sausages without burning yourself.

Once you’ve grabbed these tools, you’re well on your way to becoming the household chef. Looking for inspiration on what to try out in the kitchen? Take a look at the huge range of recipes at HelloFresh. Fresh ingredients, full of flavours and perfect for a night in, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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