Knowing Everything about Somatotropin Growth Hormone

The very first thing that you must know about the product is what actually somatotropin is. It is a form of growth hormone in humans that induces the growth and development of muscles and bones.

This hormone can be supplemented by its synthetic forms if the right quantity is not synthesized within our hormonal system. Thus, children who show symptoms of abnormal growth or complete failure of growth, have to be treated with somatotropin growth hormone from outside to bring back some degree of normalcy in the growth rate.

Even in adults, who suffer from lack of natural growth hormone, resulting in stunted growth or underdeveloped organs, the use of somatotropin is known to have made quite a difference. The individuals who suffer from a deficiency of growth hormone may be susceptible to such abnormalities like:

  • Turner syndrome
  • Short stunted stature
  • Noonan syndrome
  • Kidney failure
  • Prader – Willi syndrome and so on.

With growth induced by injection of somatotropin, these problems may be addressed successfully and can bring about a degree of remedy at least.

Somatotropin may also be used in case of patients suffering from AIDS and other HIV related ailments, and the resulting rapid loss of weight.

When Is It Not Advisable to Use Somatotropin

There are certain very specific cases when the use of somatotropin is not advised at all. These areas include:

  • Any serious illness caused by failure of the lungs
  • If treatment is going on for Prader – Willi Syndrome
  • If complications have arisen out of some recent surgery
  • If the patient is recovering from some recent injury or medical trauma.
  • If the person is suffering from cancer
  • If the patient has eye problems arising out of high blood sugar
  • If he is obese and overweight
  • If the person suffers from severe breathing problems.

Special Caution forthe Pregnant and the Lactating Mother

There are certain brands of somatotropin that may or may not harm the unborn child (not yet found out), while there are others which have been proved to have no effect on the child. However, it is always advisable to tell your physician, before going into hormone therapy, whether you are pregnant or are expecting to be pregnant in the near future. The doctor may plan your treatment accordingly, using the no – harm brands and definitely avoiding the ones with no concrete information.

Moreover, you must also tell your physician if you are breast – feeding your child when the treatment is scheduled to be held. Somatotropin’s effect on breast milk or the new-born baby who feeds on the breast milk is yet to be known. So, it is in your best interest to keep the physician well aware of your condition before committing to any hormonal therapy.

Problems of Overdosing With Somatotropin Hormone

This is one thing that you should be absolutely careful about. Missing a dose is not that harmful as the intake of an extra dose. The symptoms of overdose include cold sweats, dizziness, nausea, tremors and excessive hunger. Get in touch with the emergency section of your nearest hospital at once. If you overdose in somatotropin growth hormone on a regular basis for a long time, then you may develop the problem of excessive growth.

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