LDL Reduction and HDL Increase

There are a considerable amount of supplemental vitamins and minerals that are advertised on the market which promises different benefits accordingly that does well to people’s bodies. It is a positive thing to do if what these products contain so you can actually have an insight if they are truly beneficial or not.

Most people buy these products immediately not aware of the assorted types of vitamins and antioxidants that they actually have. Some of the ingredients can are basic and there are others that are unheard of. But when it comes to the benefits assorted herbs and plants can give people, there are many more things out there to discover. Lately, an ingredient called Policosanol has been discovered and they have seen that this compound looks promising when it comes to lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.

It is the country called Cuba where Policosanol is abundant. It is actually a mixture of alcohols that are extracted from sugarcane plant wax. There are other forms that actually come from bees’ wax and wheat germ.

Because of the trade embargo being imposed by America to Cuba, Policosanol can rarely be found in the United States’ mainland. The primary effect that is known to come from taking Policosanol is its ability to lower LDL cholesterol. LDL is the bad type of cholesterol while HDL is known as the good cholesterol. Policosanol is known to increase the production of the good cholesterol at the same time reduce the presence of the bad cholesterol.

It is already a known fact that by decreasing the presence of bad cholesterol in the body, reducing the risk of strokes and heart attack can be attained.

Policosanol can be used as a substitute for Statin drugs. Statin drugs are the medicine of different prescribed drugs that are used to decrease the levels of bad cholesterols. While these work in lowering bad cholesterol, they have been known to also have adverse side effects, and Statin drugs do not have the benefit of elevating your good cholesterol.

Plenty of the studies that are done on Policosanol supplementation has been conducted in Cuba. One study that was carried out for a span of six months showed that patients who took it had a significant reduction when it comes to their cholesterol levels; about 16%. They also observed the reduction of bad cholesterol level at 24% and their good cholesterol levels increase by as much as 29%.

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