How Many Calories in Carrots?

Carrots are one of the most famous diet foods of all, and you’ll often find dieters chomping on them in salads or by themselves, or even drinking cups of carrot juice. But what kind of nutrients do carrots provide? And, maybe more importantly for losing weight, how many calories are in carrots?

Let’s find out.

Calories in Carrots

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to find the caloric content of just about any food these days, thanks to the internet and calorie counter tools.

According to that tool, one large raw carrot has 31 calories, which is not many and means you could eat two or more at a sitting. You might also combine them with a protein source like cheese or peanut butter for a light snack.

If you prefer baby carrots, one ounce comes in at just 10 calories, while carrot juice provides about 100 calories per eight-ounce glass.

Nutrients in Carrots

If you’re interested in more than just calories, and you should be, then the Calorie King calculator can help with that, too. For instance, that one large carrot provides less than a gram of protein but more than two grams of fiber, along with more than three grams of sugar and almost no fat.

Carrots are also a good source of potassium, with one large carrot checking in at 242 mg.

Carrot juice, on the other hand, has nearly 10 grams of sugar per cup, with less than two grams of fiber.

Blood Sugar Considerations

One aspect of any food that is not often discussed but which you need to consider if you’re interested in the best results and good health, is its effect on your blood sugar levels.

The glycemic index (GI) is a good measure of this and can tell you the effects that a particular food should have on your blood sugar. The higher the GI, the bigger the blood sugar spike, and the bigger the crash you might experience from the subsequent insulin surge.

Carrots check in at a fairly reasonable 47, with carrot juice at 61. Neither should crash you too hard, but the juice will definitely spike your sugar a bit.

In the final analysis, carrots are a nutritious, low-calorie food that should benefit most dieters looking for a healthy snack.


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