Meth Addiction & Rehabilitation

Methamphetamine, or meth, is a very powerful & addictive stimulant. Meth addiction is a type of substance abuse. During the mental stress due to things going in life or due to bad company or bad circle, one might get into substance abuse. Substance abuse is a disease, which can be treated, and so can the meth addiction. To understand this one can read here about meth addiction, symptoms and treatment.

Crystal meth, generally referred to as meth, crank, and crystal, is methamphetamine in a crystalline form. It is found as white powder or in glass-like form. Meth is generally swallowed, snorted, injected or smoked. The effects of Meth are incredibly pleasurable in the start of using but the pleasure is short and this is why it has more addictive potential. Meth is more addictive drug than any other drug because of quick development of tolerance towards the high. Meth is illegally manufactured in private labs by dealers which makes this even more dangerous because the manufacturer himself has no idea what it is in the substance created.

Signs and symptoms of Meth addiction:

  • Red, dilated eyes, pupil smaller or larger than usual.
  • Fever and sweating with increased heart beat. Increased blood pressure.
  • Frustration, agitation, intense irritability and nervousness.
  • Change in sleeping pattern like less sleep. Being a stimulant, the user can go days without sleeping i.e. insomnia.
  • Unusual or extreme weight loss i.e. undernourishment.
  • Changes in eating habits.
  • Suicidal and homicidal thoughts.
  • Mood swings, oversensitivity, resentful & violent behavior.
  • Auditory hallucinations.

Due to different issues, meth causes a number of problems and one such problem is defined as faces of meth or meth face. The addict can go days without eating and in this case the body eats itself. The face muscles, fat on different body parts etc. are consumed and the addict looks hollowed out. Drug also dissolves the enamel of teeth, destroys bold vessels etc. which results in tooth decay, skin problems like acne and sores.

Rehabilitation centers provide the addict with proper care both mentally and physically. Find the best rehab center and help the addict in recovery.

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