Is it possible to pass a drug test if you smoke marijuana?

This question has been much in talks around lately. Can we pass the drug test even after smoking weed? How long does it take to cleanse our body? Are there any sure shot methods? And many more. And we’ll agree, we too have been getting such thoughts in our mind and therefore today, we have tried to find all our answers.

So, as per our research, we have gathered some information about it and there are some conditions attached to that. Few of which are:- How much amount of weed did you intake? How long has it been? Have you taken any other type of drugs as well? What type of test are you going for?

The most common and widely used is a urine test. Other than this, there are blood, saliva and hair tests, which are complicated and difficult to pass as well. If you have smoked pot only once, there are chances that a normal body will cleanse it within 10 days, but this also depends on your metabolism and health. If you are a chronic user, this may take up to 90 days to clear the traces of THC out of your body, in case you want to pass urine test. For other tests, for example hair follicle test, the traces of THC and other related substances may be found up to months or even years after consumption.

In order to pass the drug test, you can try few of the options available. We would like to suggest you to use reliable methods only, as some foolish mistake and you are in big problem. Suggestions for using bleach, dishwasher detergent, vinegar etc. are all rumours and should not be believed and followed. Testers in labs can easily identify and find out the irregularities in a urine sample and can forward it to further deep check that will get you busted.

Another method is substituting your urine sample with either synthetic urine available in the market or someone else’s urine sample. Although both cases are quite dangerous and have risk of getting caught, using synthetic urine can be more risky. While checking urine specimen, if its temperature doesn’t match the normal pee level, the tester may understand that you have used synthetic urine or did some adulteration.

The last and most recommended method is body detox. If you have smoked marijuana only once, it takes around 7-10 days for the body to naturally cleanse itself, keeping in mind you are not using weed again. But in case you have a drug test and do not have this much of time, you can go for detox program. You have to drink a lot of liquids, exercise and eat high-fiber foods in order to cleanse your body from THC and pass a drug test. There are also some detoxication drinks available on the market. You can also choose them. They are very effective in lowering the level of THC on short notice.

So, to conclude, YES it is possible to pass a drug test even after smoking marijuana, but you should be very careful and do not trust all information from the internet.

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