How to Prevent Muscle Cramps From Ruining Your Activities

Muscle cramps can happen to anyone. In fact, most people experience muscle cramps more than twice in their lifetime. A sudden attack of this condition is too painful and irritating especially if you are a working individual who performs physical work. It prevents you from working and in accomplishing your task. Muscle cramps vary from minor to a severe condition wherein it requires immediate medical attention.

What are muscle cramps?

Too much physical exertion can lead to muscle cramps. This condition is the involuntary contraction of muscles which refuses to relax. It usually develops around the leg muscles wherein you can feel sharp pain or feel a hard lump of muscle in this area.

There are several reasons which cause muscle cramps. However, most of it is a result of over-exhaustion and dehydration of muscles. Having muscle cramps is too discomforting and causes leg swelling as well as skin changes. Though it has no severe detrimental effect on your health, it only offers disadvantages, especially to athletes. A muscle cramp is also a result of the medical condition.

Here are some of the health circumstances which is associated with muscle cramps.

  1. Poor blood circulation – your blood transport oxygen all over your body.

The oxygen helps your muscles to function well enough. However, there are conditions wherein a person’s arteries narrow its pathway. Narrowing of arteries prevents a food flow of blood in the body. Thus, it results to insufficient supply of blood causing muscle contractions and pain mostly in the leg. It usually happens when your muscles have too much exertion.


  1. The decline of minerals – your muscles need nutrients to function such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

The absence of these nutrients in your body can cause you to have painful muscle cramps. You can take medication like food supplements to increase the level of these substances in your system.

How can you prevent muscle cramps?

Regular workout and a healthy diet can help you to avoid muscle cramps. However, athletes and physically active individuals require more help other than a healthy lifestyle.

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