How to Reduce Pain Post Dental Implant Surgery

 One of the most demanded and effective ways to reduce pain for missing teeth is dental implants. With high success rates, less maintenance and greater durability, dental implants are being widely accepted by doctors and patients alike. Dental implants involve surgical procedure that is likely to impart pain and mild discomfort. However, such distress is manageable and can be controlled with some few tips. Read on to know what they are and how they help reduce pain after dental implant surgery in Melbourne:

Pain Killers:

One of the most effective ways to reduce pains is with analgesics or painkillers that are prescribed by oral surgeon. Perhaps, over-the-counter medications are the easiest means for patients to lessen pains and make them more comfortable. Ibuprofen or nurofen are usually suggested, but for those who’d undergone complex surgeries such as sinus lifting and bone grafting will have to rely upon stronger painkillers for some days.

Take Ample Rest:

Take ample rest and limit your activity for the first 72 hours. Never do anything strenuous because that can adversely impact the healing process. You might be feeling good at this time and will have a natural tendency to resume your daily works, but try to avoid them as much as you can. After the initial 72 hours, start slow and begin with a mild exercise to avoid injuries.

Hold & Cold Compresses can help:

Hot and cold compresses can be helpful to bring relief and reduce pains. During the initial 48 hours after the dental implant procedure in Melbourne, a cold compress when gently placed over the chin, close to the surgical site, can bring down pains and swelling as well. Take 15 minutes intervals (15 minutes on, 15 minutes off) and this will ease your pain in a great way. Be informed, hot compress has to be applied only after 72 hours. Warm compress enhances circulation and soothe the surgical area as well.

Be Cautious about what you eat

To ensure the implant healing process is smooth and fast, make sure you stick to soft, nutritious food. For the first 72 hours, stick to soft foods only. Such foods aren’t hard on your teeth and wouldn’t stress the surgical site. Foods such as mashed potato, porridge, eggs, soup and yogurt are fine to be consumed, but you’d still have to careful. Always chew on the opposite side of the surgical area to prevent injuries or complications. Never use straws when consuming fluids as well.

Dental implants function just like your natural tooth and you can be sure of obtaining expected results. It would take a few months for the recovery process to be complete. Follow these essential tips to reduce pain after dental implant surgery in Melbourne. If you need further help, never hesitate to consult with your dental professional.

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