Refractive Errors and How to Correct for These Errors

In the eye, the surface in front is the cornea and the lens inside of the eye work together to form the system for focusing. This system of focusing will focus light that is incoming onto the surface of the retina. It is often compared to the lenses in a camera focusing light onto film. In a perfect optical focusing system, the cornea and lens are matched with the length of the eye and images are in focus. Any mismatch is known as refractive error, and results in images being blurred. There are several ways to correct this mismatch.

Refractive error

There are 3 types of refractive errors, and these are:

  • Near-sightedness or myopia – The mismatch in focusing power and eye length causes objects seen in the distance to be blurry and near objects to be clearer;
  • Farsightedness or hyperopia – The discrepancy in focusing power and length of the eye makes objects near to be blurry while distant objects are clearer;
  • Astigmatism – This is when either the cornea or lens shape is distorted, causing multiple images on the retina so that all objects at all distances to be blurry.

Glasses or contact lenses

Glasses or contact lenses correct this mismatch by compensating for the eye’s refractive error through bending the light rays in such a way to complement the eye’s refractive error. LASIK and other types of refractive surgery can also correct the eye’s error in refraction to reduce the need of wearing glasses or contact lens.

Finding the right doctor

Make certain you:

  • Compare – Levels of risk and benefit vary only slightly – from procedure to procedure, device to device and from surgeon to surgeon;
  • Decision – Don’t make your decision simply on cost or the first eye center, or procedure you investigate. Any decision you make about refractive surgery will affect you for the remainder of your life.


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