Research Well before Buying Steroids over the Counter to Avoid Side Effects

Steroids have worked majorly among bodybuilders and athletes. However, people who have frequently taken steroids know that it is not easy to get supplements without a prescription. Over the counter steroid is popular in the UK, which forces other companies to release new compounds in many years.

Over many years, wide range of steroids and testosterone boosters has flooded the market. However, these anabolic androgenic steroids have to be used safely to avoid any kind of adverse effects. Not every steroid can be used for the same function. Few steroids are stacked to get astounding results.

It is difficult to find OTC steroids legally. Most of the stores made it clear that many steroids are unavailable unless a prescription is not shown. Stores like GNC and Wal-Mart are not pharmaceuticals, thus they don’t provide steroids openly without a prescription. Moreover, anabolic steroids were banned by FDA in 2001 therefore its available only in the black market.

Any supplement, weight gainer or protein shakes that has steroid in it will be removed from the shelves before FDA knows about it. Selling illegal steroids is not only banned, but anyone still performing this task can be severely punished or fined accordingly. However, steroids that are used for medical purpose are readily available prescription-free. Medical conditions like asthma, backache, weight gain during cancer and HIV and also other skin problems are treated with some of the steroids.

However, such steroids do not work for muscle gain if you are thinking so. They have to be stacked with the other supplements to get massive results. Some of the alternative steroids that are legally available even at GNC shelves are –

  • AMP
  • Pro Complex Gainer

They claim that the supplement helps in providing nutrients and carbohydrates that helps in gaining energy after workouts, quick recovery from any injury and gaining muscles and body mass faster.

Many OTC steroids have minor side effects that can go away with time –

  • Cramps
  • Oily skin and acne
  • Hair loss
  • Frequently changing blood pressure

That is why PCT is recommended after the completion of dosage of steroids. The use of steroids minimizes natural production of testosterone in our body. In order to signal body to produce natural testosterone again, other compounds are used to stimulate endocrine system.

There are other things that should be kept in mind while using any OTC steroid –

  • Maintaining hydration in body
  • Good nutritional diet
  • Proper physical training
  • Avoid consuming alcohol

Legal steroids are still risky if taken without proper guidance. As a beginner, you should know the dosage, for any steroid so that it doesn’t harm your liver or kidney.


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