Role of Grafting in Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure involves the moving of hair follicles from the donor area which contains the hair roots to a bald portion of the scalp (recipient zone) that needs the hair roots. Hair transplantation is both science and an art as the hair roots are needed to be placed by the expert surgeon by mimicking original hair orientation so that the patient will get a natural appearance with all the aesthetic effect of the procedure.

Hair transplant is done basically for the male pattern of the baldness as the condition of a complete baldness is only seen in the male because the effect of the genetic cause of Androgenic alopecia presents the issue of baldness in men and female only affected by the case of thinning of hair or widening the gap between the partition.

The Androgenic alopecia is a genetic disorder of the baldness in which the hormone Testosterone synthesises by the 5-alpha reductase and produces the catalytic form of di-hydro testosterone (DHT) that results in the severe hair loss. The hair loss is measured by the level of DHT secretion in the body that affect the scalp portion, mainly the front, top and the mid crown areas and makes them bald respectively. The hair transplant is the only option to get rid of the problem of baldness. In the case of females, the procedure of hair transplantation has also very common to look good and to get over the problem of hair thinning as it decreases the personality. The hair transplant in Jaipur becomes the most worthy choice and the cases of female hair transplant are practising in the Jaipur at the major hair transplant centre, which is run by the expert hair transplant Surgeons.

Since hair naturally grows in the grouping called graft and each graft contains the 1-4 hair follicles that are transplanted on the recipient zone. The procedure of hair transplants needs the great aesthetic sense to place the grafts on the bald portion to have a great natural appeal of the procedure. Only an expert hair transplant Surgeon who are qualified with the degree of M.S,, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon along with the MBBS and practices of many hair transplant procedures in his career can perform the hair transplant procedure with a great aesthetic appeal and natural outcomes in terms of the proper placing of the hair roots on the bald portion via an effective grafting procedure in hair transplant.

There are mainly two scientific techniques of hair transplant, known as FUT (follicular unit transplant) and the FUE (follicular unit extraction) and both these techniques are applied for the harvesting of hair roots from the donor portion, whereas the procedure of grafting or the placement of hair roots is all same in the both the techniques and that is why the need of great aesthetic sense is required by the surgeon to achieve the positive outcomes of the procedure.

How Hair Grafting is important in the Hair Transplant procedure?

Natural Outcome is the Base

The procedure of hair restoration is more artistic in comparison to the surgical properties. It is a core chapter of the cosmetic surgery arena as it related to individual’s looks and personality. A surgeon must have good knowledge and vividly experience the artistic touch of the placement. If hair grafts are not placed in a natural manner means does not follow the zigzag or an irregular pattern, it deteriorates the original beauty and it is a major disaster of the restoration that the hair grows in one linear direction on the hairline of the scalp. An expert and experienced Surgeon of the hair transplant Surgeon has a keen sense to place the hair grafts as according to the natural direction and pattern of the hairline design will match with the original growth and direction of the hair to look aesthetically important.

Camouflage to correct the unnatural Hairline and role of Placement

In the case of a wrong hair transplant, an expert surgeon can perform the revision hair transplant in which they remove the unnatural hairline with the camouflage with other hair to give an aesthetic output of the procedure. It is important to have an aesthetic sense to make the proper hairline design for grafting the hair roots on the bald portion. The experienced and expert hair transplant surgeon makes the slitting on the recipient zone in an irregular fashion to place the grafts as according to the holed direction, which must be in a natural direction and angle of the hair. The role of grafting decides the success of the restoration procedure.


On the whole, we can say that the hair transplant success depends on the surgeon’s skills and precision of doing the things as the placement or grafting of hair grafts on the bald portion needs a great aesthetic sense to offer you the most natural results of the hair transplant procedure.

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