How To Safely And Effectively Lose Weight?


Let’s get rid of your head with slogans like “Determined to lose 6 pounds in a week ….” Safely losing weight is not an easy thing. For long-lasting results, you have to be patient with the most healthy and appropriate weight-loss methods that fit you.

If you are looking for a safe, effective weight loss method, keep reading for more details.

How to safely and effectively lose weight?

1.  Have A Reasonable Diet

In fact, many people still choose the wrong method such as fasting, drinking vinegar, taking laxatives … to lose weight. This is very dangerous for health. Fasting causes the body to be weakened, dehydrated, electrolyte depletion, organ disorders … Meanwhile, one of the problems is a reasonable diet. Specifically, in the daily diet, the energy input must be proportional to the energy consumed. People should maintain a level of 30 Kcal/kg of weight and ensure adequate nutrients (starch, sugar, protein, and fat) in the meal every day. Strengthen vegetables, fruits rich in fiber, vitamins.

Overweight, obese people should reduce high-carbohydrate foods, sugar, sugar-rich fruits; reduce fatty foods from tallow, meat, and processed products with high fat, animal viscera, fried foods and high-fat dairy products. Do not drink too much beer or alcohol.


2.  Do not smoke; Get enough sleep

Frequently smoking cigarettes cause many health consequences that everyone knows: pneumonia, tuberculosis, heart disease, stroke, etc. Moreover, recent studies show that regular smokers are more likely to gain weight.

Besides, according to the study of medicine, people who sleep less than 5 hours are 2.5 times more likely to be obese than those who sleep for seven to eight hours. For those who sleep more than 9 hours a day, they are 1.7 times more prone to obesity.

3.  Do Exercise

In parallel with controlling energy intake, exercising should be maintained daily to conserve excess calories.

As recommended, there should be a regular, consistent regime for each body. Practice at least 30 minutes and maintain five times a week with favorite, age-and-gender appropriate sports such as walking, biking, yoga. Pay attention to exercises with waist, abdomen, and thighs, and it’s better to have fitness expert instructions.

Paying more attention to food and drink will help to make the exercise less difficult. For example, with a bottle of 330 ml of beer, you have to work hard to do crunches more than half an hour to free all the remaining calories.

Maintaining proper exercise regimen not only helps to conserve energy, but it also helps to circulate blood, increase respiratory function and reduce joint bones pressure, and improve overall health.


4.  Use Safe Weight Loss Products

These days, weight loss pills are considered as an efficient losing weight method that many people choose. They help people lose weight effectively and safely without effort.

There are many diet pills for women that are produced. However, if you don’t know how to choose a suitable weight loss product to use, you can search and consult some information on the internet such as “Best over the counter appetite suppressants”, ‘’Top 10 safe weight loss pills’’… Fenfast 375 is one of them.


Hopefully, you can have a safe and effective lose weight way after reading this post. If you have any question, feel free to leave comments in the box below. Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!

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