Steroid Usage Myths And Actual Facts

The word steroid triggers more thinking into many people. During the initial days, these steroids are strictly used for medical treatments. There are many diseases that need some amounts of steroid administration and careful observation. Many diseases are known to be cured due to these supplements. But, as humans evolved, the usage of the steroid products also evolved. Apart from medical values, these products were used by many professionals to easily achieve their goals and targets. Many body builders and professionals use these products in various forms to sustain their body figure and strength.

Steroid cycles and stacks used by bodybuilders

Many steroids of the same nature are available in the market. Most of the steroids used by professionals are anabolic in nature which means they help in bulking up. So it can be seen why bodybuilders often use steroids. While many fail to understand that these are just supplements and our body does produce same steroids that have both anabolic and androgenic effects, the demand for these products is high. The main reason being, these products can be controlled and taken in required forms to get achievable results. Few of the famous steroids are Anavar, Trenbolone, Winstrol, Decaduro etc. While the beginner’s dosage and dosage for women are entirely different and mild, the dosage for body builders varies according to their goals and targets. If a person is looking to cut some weight and gain some strength in cutting phase,Clenbuterol is absolutely the best product that can be chosen. If a user is looking to bulk up and gain more performance, Trenbolone is the best to pick from. Similarly, women normally go for Anavar or Clen as they both are mild and have less anabolic properties. Some people looking to bulk up and cut some body fat for toning up use combination products in stacks for better results.


Most popular products and dosages

As a thumb rule, all steroids will have to be started with a minimum dosage. A dosage of 10 mg per day is the ideal start for the beginner. A beginner can check for different cycles available for the particular product he has chosen and limit the dosage accordingly. Dosage can be increased 10 mg per day till maximum limit and then the product usage will have to be stopped. While weekly on and off cycle is the most famous one, one can opt for many cycles that suit them. These cycles allow the user to start off with the steroid dosage in minimum quantity and then gives a resting period to the user. During this period, the user can notice how his body reacts and consider changing or continuing the dosage. Then again, the dosage is started and increased gradually. When maximum dosage limit is reached, the cycle is gradually reduced and stopped. This is how normally steroids will have to be administered.

Is it really working as it claims to be?

There are many claims many manufacturers do. Users will have to assess what are real and what are fake. Many bodybuilders often use steroids because it gives results. But the results cannot be seen overnight. Along with proper high protein diet and physical routine, users claim to achieve wonderful results.

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