Surprising Story of the Man Wearing ‘Drunk Lives Matter’ Shirt


How ironic life is for 44-year-old Elwood Gushall III when arrested by the Pennsylvania Police for driving under the influence of alcohol. Police says Gutshall’s blood-alcohol content is two and half times higher for Pennsylvania’s limit for drivers. What’s more exciting about Gushall’s arrest is that he’s wearing a shirt that says ‘Drunk Lives Matter.’

Many drivers don’t have any idea of the consequences after being charged with DUI. Most of them thought that it is a light charge that is easy to neglect. Here are some things that happen after facing DUI charges.

Going to Court for DUI Charges


Once arrested, a driver will receive a summon that they need to appear in court. During their court appearance, the present court pins evidence against them. The court will require the accused to plead guilty or innocent.

If the accused is found guilty, courts will:

  • Impose fines, and it will include driver responsibility tax
  • Revoke or even suspend the license
  • To require the accused to enroll in drunk driver education program
  • Some courts sentences arrested drivers to jail
  • As an alternative, some court requires serving to community work
  • Drivers are under probation
  • Impose certain sanctions and fees intending to compensate the expense of DUI cases
  • Some judge require a driver to take part in a drug or alcohol treatment program. It is part of the probationary status, and sometimes they install ignition interlock device in a vehicle.
  • While under probation, drivers must not drink any alcoholic drink or enter any bar.

To Get The Driver’s License Back


Judges will allow for conditional, provisional and temporary licenses. However, it still varies to the circumstances. Most granted cases usually participate in an education program. Liability insurance can be a tool to get the license back.


Drivers must clearly know their state’s DUI terms and law. It is also a great idea to hire DUI defense attorneys to assist them with the process. There are a lot of lawyers who provide free consultation and clearly know the system. Finding a good attorney in their area is the best thing to do.

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