Tips To Increase the Success Rate of Your Dental Implants in Sydney

A dental implant is the most preferred replacement option for missing tooth. You may be in a situation to remove your tooth for a number of reasons such as tooth decay, cavity, periodontal disease, injury, etc. After removing your tooth, you may lose confidence and feel discomfort while speaking, eating, and smiling. To overcome these disadvantages of missing tooth, your dentist will recommend undergoing Sydney dental implants procedure.


Initially, your dentist will place the implants into your jawbones and leave it for osseointegration process. Osseointegration is the process by which the implants get integrated with your jawbones and acts similar to your tooth root. It may take nearly three to six months for the osseointegration process. After the procedure, your dentist will fix the crown on your implant and this crown act as the permanent tooth. Even though the dental implants cost in Sydney is high, it is worth each penny you spend.

How to Improve the Success Rate of Your Implants?

Many types of research have proven that the dental implants have a high success rate. But, still, you need to follow few instructions after the dental implants treatment to increase its success rate. Here we have mentioned few tips to increase the success rate of your dental implants in Sydney.

Avoid Smoking

The dentist will encourage the patient to quit smoking before the implant procedure and abstain during the recovery period. Smoking will delay your healing process by reducing the flow of blood in the surgical site.  Studies say that the implants of smokers are more likely to fail when compared to non- smokers.

Follow the Recovery Instructions

After the dental implants procedure, you need to follow the instruction given by your dentist to speed up the healing process. Avoid spitting and rinsing your mouth for the few days after the procedure. You need to eat soft foods and avoid hot foods so that you can get back to normal in short span.

If your dentist prescribes any pain medications or antibiotics, you need to follow them regularly so that you can avoid discomfort caused by the treatment.

Maintain the Oral Hygiene

You need to maintain your oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day regularly. Even though the implants are made of titanium, they need to be taken care just like your natural tooth. If you don’t take much care, the surrounding teeth may get affected by cavities or decay and lead to gum disease. You can use an antibacterial mouthwash that could fight against plaque and kills the germ.

Visit Your Dentist

After the implants treatment, you should keep your follow-up appointments during the first, three to six months after the treatment. Regular appointments with your dentist and the dental surgeon will help you to maintain your oral health in good condition. If any issue arises, your dentist can identify and treat in its initial stage and eliminate the complications that may occur in the future.

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