Top 4 Reasons to Visit a Fertility Specialist

Fertility problems have become very common today. If you are having infertility problems, it’s time to visit a fertility specialist. Your partner should ideally accompany you during the consultation with a fertility doctor. The specialist would first review your history and decide what tests are needed before deciding the treatment. If you are skeptical about visiting a fertility doctors, here are few genuine reasons to fix an appointment.

  • You Have Really Painful or Irregular Periods

Irregular periods can be a reason for ovulatory disorder. The hormonal condition PCOS makes periods painful, non-existence during some months and also irregular. Malfunctioning of hypothalamus of brain, pituitary gland or follicles or ovary problems may also lead to improper ovulation. Pre-mature menopause may also lead to the problem, though the chances of this would be rare. Too high or low BMI, medicines that affect fertility, problems with the thyroid or prolactin could also lead to infertility. Ovulatory problems are the common causes of infertility, but these can be treated by medication.

  • You Have Experienced Two or More Miscarriages

There is a misconception that women with miscarriages are fine because they get pregnant. But, having several miscarriages is a particular kind of fertility issue that affects 1% – 3% of all couples. He also added that a majority of miscarriages can be attributed to genetic abnormalities in the embryo, while other causes include hormonal problems like diabetes, thyroid disease, undetected structural problems in the uterus, and advanced reproductive age. Any person who has experienced one or two miscarriages must consult a fertility specialist.

  • You Are Diagnosed with Cancer

Any woman diagnosed with cancer and is about to undergo treatment should consult a fertility specialist. Different treatments for cancer have an impact on the fertility of a woman. Each individual’s case is different, so it is better to consult an oncologist and also a fertility doctor. The treatment may include freezing of egg, freezing of embryo and others.

  • Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a disorder, which causes a lining in the uterine cavity to appear in the abdominal cavity. This may cause heavy bleeding, painful periods and also infertility in many women. Treatments vary vastly and outcomes are also different. For many people, removing scar tissue can improve pregnancy, especially with fertility treatments like IVF.

If you have any of these problems, it could be a reason good enough to visit a fertility specialist.

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