Top Causes And Options For Treatment Of Feet Pain

Many people experience everyday feet pain, and what they need to know is that that is not a normal thing. Even if you lead an active life, or you are an athlete, that doe snot mean that that pain will be something to expect; especially if it lasts longer than a day. This is why you need to schedule an appointment at the nearest foot clinic Maroubra Sydney and have your feet checked.

Did you know that about 8 in 10 people will experience some kind of pain in their feet, and with 33 joints and 26 bones in our feet, there is a lot of opportunity for something to go terribly wrong? The usual feet problems can cause discomfort and pin and they include bunions, plantar fasciitis, toenail fungus, hammertoes, and plantar warts.

Lucky for you, many of these injuries and feet conditions can be easily healed with a bit of inexpensive treatments. However, you might also be expected to do exercises that will help you, and relieve the pain in your feet.

Many things can cause us to have painful feet

Plantar Fasciitis

This is an inflammation that happens in the ligaments and it runs along the sole of our feet; it is also known to be one of the runner’s most common chronic injuries. The pain is usually felt in the heal because the ligament will attach to the bottom of the heal bone.


A condition like bunions is an inherited one, and it includes your metatarsal bones to be displaced which can cause your big toe to lean more to the other toes. This is easily recognizable as that will create the hallmark bump just where your big toe starts. Because of this condition your feet can widen and tight, high-heeled, narrow and pointy-toed shoes will probably worsen the condition.


Hammertoes is a condition where either or both of the joints are bending which effects any of the other toes, which can result in years of compensation from having small muscles in feet. Once this condition forms, your high point of the knuckles can become prone to shoe pressure, and that can lead to inflammation, formation of calluses and hard corns, and

Wearing uncomfortable shoes or the ones that do not fit you can be damaging as well

Toenail fungus

This is one of the most common conditions and it can be quite difficult heal. Because of the fungus that forms, your toenail might start to thicken and it can become very painful as well as ugly to look at. If this condition is not treated it can cause secondary infections.

Ingrown toenail

This is a condition that everyone is already familiar with, as it is also very common. Ingrown toenails can be prevented if you make sure that you cut your toenails correctly; meaning that you should be cutting them straight across.

Plantar Warts

Condition caused by the human papillomavirus is called the Plantar Warts, and it can appear when that virus infects the upper layer of our skin, which usually happens in the area where the skin was broken. This condition is also known as verruca plantaris, and it is common for warts that grow on the bottom of our feet.

Final word

There are many conditions that can cause pain in our feet, and as soon as your feet hurt for over a day with no obvious reason, you need to visit your podiatrist. There lots of great foot doctor in Bondi Junction, and all you need to do is schedule an appointment with them. Make sure that you take good care of your feet, especially if you are an athlete!

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