What Type Of Dual Gear Juicer Should I Go For?

The first question that may come to your mind when buying a juicer for the time is what type of juicer to go for. While there are numerous juicers in the market, it has been discovered that the dual gear juicers are the perfect family choice. This is because they tend to produce more juice that is highly nutritious. They produce lesser noise and tend to last longer. Apart from fresh fruits, most dual gear juicers can be used on other food items like sprouts and leafy greens. However, it would be wise to see a dual gear juicer review before selecting a particular one for your household.


What to keep in mind when buying a new Juicer

Family needs: Before going for any juicer in particular, one should take the time to point out what exactly the family needs from their juice and what kind of produce would be used in general. This way, it becomes easier to point out what expectations are expected from an intended juicer.

Ease of use: In as much as we all want a juicer that can perform wonder, we wouldn’t want a device that cannot be operated without reading a user manual severally.

Level of sophistication: Go for a juicer that can perform only the functions that you need. The more functions a juicer performs determine the number of parts it would have and its level of sophistication.

Affordability (Price of Juicer must be within your budget)

Level of noise: Of course, you wouldn’t want to disturb your neighbors every morning with your juicing activities. Consider a juicer that works with less noise.


The best dual gear juicers review

Now that you know what type of juicer you need, the next thing you are immediately faced with is the particular product to go for. Below is a quick review of some of the best two gear juicers in the market.

Omega TWN30S

Finding a fair sized juicer that can produce enough juice for the whole family is not usually easy, except you need something very big that will leave a lot of mess after use. The Omega dual gear juicer allows you to prepare enough fresh sweet juice that will get to everyone in one serving. It achieves this by extracting more juice from produce that is well enriched with nutrients. It is versatile and quite easy to operate. Maintenance is pretty easy; you won’t have much to clean after use.

The only problem you might have with this device is its price. However, once you are able to get past this, you will find out that it is worth every penny you spend in purchasing it.

Super Angel Deluxe Model (Takes the Place of AJ 5500)

This model replaces the previous AJ 5500 Super Angel juicer. It comes with improved changes, one of which is the inclusion of a soft fruit extracting housing to contain fresh fruit produce. It has a sleek surface design made of stainless steel, which makes it a pleasant sight to anyone around. The juice produced is usually less foamy and contains a lot of nutrients. This dual gear juicer will make a good choice for beginners as it is very easy to operate.

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