Veganism – Benefits and risks

You know what it exactly means to be a vegetarian but what does calling someone a vegan actually mean? While vegetarians do not consume poultry, meat, and fish, vegans are not only vegetarians but they also refrain from using products that are made from animal products. These include cosmetics made with animal by-products, silk, fur, leather, wool, and so on. According to the vegans, adopting a vegan lifestyle is beneficial and has several health benefits as it includes eating healthy food. But undoubtedly there are conflicting opinions for the same.

Why do people opt for a vegan diet plan?

Basically, this type of diet is chosen due to 3 main reasons, namely, environmental factors, health reasons, and animal rights. Vegans feel that eating animal products and using products made with the by-products prevents animals from living a free life. The animals too have the right to live happily. As far as environmental factors are concerned, several incidents have been reported where in there has been extensive top soil erosion and livestock farming has also been found to have adverse effects on the environment.


Aside from the above 2 reasons, it has been established that eating animal protein and fats have been found to be directly linked to lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cardiac ailments, and arthritis, just to name a few. As such, if you happen to embark upon an exercise regime, also make sure to find out from the fitness centers about the diet that will suit you best. In this regard, you can seek advice from experts and eat healthy via

Benefits of vegan diet

Just as a coin has two sides of it, similarly, the type of diet you select has benefits and risks too. Let us find out the benefits first.

  • Pain relief

It has been found that if you remove dairy products from your diet, a lot of health benefits are manifested. For instance, there are several instances when pain is resolved if you switch to plant based food. Limiting intake of salt, sugar, meat, fat, and excessive proteins can help you deal better with pain caused by arthritis.

  • Limit intake of animal protein

One of the biggest advantages of limiting intake of animal protein is that you can lower the risk of getting heart diseases and certain types of cancers. Extensive studies have proved that excessive consumption of animal proteins can increase the risks of cancer and other lifestyle diseases.

Risks of vegan diet

It is a known fact that following a balanced diet is the need of the hour not just today, it is something that you get to hear from the time you are made aware of the foods and their categories.

One of the biggest disadvantages of cutting out animal protein and dairy products from your diet regime is that you will be deprived of the essential nutrients that these food items provide.

However, if at all you are determined to adopt a vegan diet, you can always do so but prior to that you need to find out substitutes for the same so that you can derive the nutrients that you are missing out from them in other food items.

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