What Does An Esthetician Do?

You may have heard of an esthetician or perhaps you know one.  Maybe you have even visited one; but do you know what they actually do?

Skin Care Procedures

Estheticians are trained to perform various Clinique médico-esthétique Mediluxe skin care procedures. While they will typically start with a detailed skin evaluation (using specialized equipment and magnifying lamps) to evaluate the condition of a patient’s skin and appearance.  Then they may also:

    • perform facial massages
    • apply chemical peels (to reduce fine lines and age spots)
    • perform various professional skin care facials and extractions
    • demonstrate for the patient how to more effectively clean and care for skin
    • recommend new skin care regimens
    • determine and recommend which skin care products could improve the client’s skin quality and appearance
    • remove facial and body hair (often using wax)
    • apply chemical peels and treatment masks
    • educate the client on hair, cosmetic, facial, and nail careImage result for What Does An Esthetician Do?.

Makeup Artistry

Estheticians may also advise clients on the best makeup types, colors, and techniques will best serve the client’s complexion, skin tone, and face shape.

    • instruct on makeup application
    • specifically choose and apply cosmetic products for the client
    • recommend [and sometimes sell the recommended] cosmetics to the client
    • eyelash and eyebrow tinting

Medical Procedures

Some estheticians are also qualified and trained to perform various medical procedures to treat the skin. Or they may collaborate with a plastic surgeon and dermatologist to provide the patient with the best care available.

    • pre-op and post-op skin care
    • refer clients directly to more qualified specialized medical personnel for professional treatment of more serious skin issues
    • clean and maintain and sterilize equipment and work areas
    • assist in the administration of various medications and treatments

Business Skills and Responsibilities

Of course, an esthetician is also a professional, and that means they are running a business.  As such, estheticians are trained in several business skills and must also learn the appropriate responsibilities of operating a business.

    • client record keeping
    • customer service
    • perform business transactions
    • collect payments from clients
    • evaluate, regulate, track, and purchase product inventory, supplies, materials, and other equipment
    • maintain a consistent appointment calendar
    • scheduling appointments
    • sell appropriate merchandise used in and marketed through the salon or spa or clinic

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