What is an E Liquid?

E Liquid is an imperative part of electronic cigarette. It is fuel in an electronic cigarette and thus, consists of three major parts mainly the nicotine, the flavour and the diluent. These three parts help creating a vapour that is exhaled to imitate the smoke. E Liquid holds the three substances which are the necessary components of electronic cigarette.

Components of E Liquid


Nicotine is a prior part of a cigarette. It is the most addictive substance found in cigarette. If it is used in proper strength, it is safe to use and thus, cannot be regarded as a dangerous substance. The companies strive to sell the best quality nicotine. Nicotine is used in the liquid of a cigarette as one of the major substance.

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The Diluent is another major substance of the fluid of cigarette. It is added to the fluid to dilute the mixture of the nicotine and the flavour. It provides an element that produces vapour. The companies offer a diluent of high quality food grade. Few most commonly used diluents are Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and Aqueous Glycerine.


The nicotine does not contain any taste and hence, in order to add taste to the E Liquid, the flavours are needed to be added. There are various kinds of flavours available in the market, which can be added to the fluid. Many companies stock around one of the finest flavoured electronic cigarette. There is an availability of cigarette on a wide range.

Finding the right E Liquid   

The mixture of nicotine, dilute and flavour i.e. E Liquid is best available in the ready to use bottle. You have to choose the range, flavour and the strength accordingly.  It is available in market at different ranges, in different flavours and the customer can buy the best suited fluid he wants.

Some of the ready to use E Liquids available in market are Red label E Liquid, Titan fluid, Patriot range E Liquid, Expedition E Liquid, and many more. All of them are having different strength, range and flavours. The buyer can make the choice considering to these factors.

The use of E Liquid is often related to quitting smoking. The E Liquid is a kind of vaping and many people believe that vaping is safer and healthier. The marketing suggests that e-cigarettes are safer and easier to be used.

It is assumed that vaporizing e-fluids is safer and may not produce any toxic substance. Other than, using hot combustible cigarettes produce large amount of toxic elements which are injurious to health. Many medical organizations have said that the possession of E Liquid safer than having tobacco. The tobacco cigarettes create an adverse effect on lungs of a person while using e-fluid is safer and improves the lung functioning of the people using tobacco ones.

At the end we can say that E Liquid is much better than combustible cigarettes comparatively. Medically and genuinely e-fluid used in electronic cigarettes contains around 1% of toxic substance and can be consumed in the best manner by the people addicted to nicotine.    



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